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Hi. I registered this domain about three or four years ago, thinking that it’s just too good a name not to use for something.

And then I proceeded to not use it for anything.

So. I’m a professional student — I’ve been in grad school for about a decade now — and the result of all of this studenting is that I’ve become convinced that I don’t have anything at all to say. Because I have:

  1. A domain name that I still think is too good not to use for something
  2. A sense that all this time as a student has caused me to forget everything that I have to say
  3. and, well, a sense that practicing saying things out loud might be a way to re-find what it is I meant to say in the first place

I’m going to use as a practice space. A place to practice saying things out loud.

I have, of course, been practicing saying things out loud for some time, on my facebook and on metafilter, where I post as You Can’t Tip a Buick (or rather, where I comment as You Can’t Tip a Buick— I’ve never made a front page post). That stuff is totally hidden, though, stuff that’s available only to people who are my facebook friends or who read Metafilter comment threads. Moreover, that stuff is in large part parasitical — me responding to themes and topics set by other people. Being parasitical isn’t necessarily bad, exactly — I mean, Derrida pretty much only did parasitical readings of other writers, finding himself through reading others against the grain — but, well, it’s become unsatisfying for me.

So here’s where I practice speaking.

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